Kubb Canada

  • Kubb Canada Announcements
    It is with great excitement that we announce that Kubb Canada is officially a federally incorporated Not For Profit organization.  It was a long journey to get to this point, but we are very happy to have made it. Along with this news comes our announcement of the 2016 Canadian ... read more
    Source: Kubb CanadaPublished on 2016-03-16
  • 2015 Canadian National Kubb Championship RESULTS
    “It’s a beautiful day for a tournament.” The weather was outstanding once again this year for the 2nd Annual Canadian National Kubb Championship.  Teams were gathering from all over.  Ottawa, Toronto, Quebec, Michigan, New York and Wisconsin were all represented this year. Once the tables were set up, trophies displayed, ... read more
    Source: Kubb CanadaPublished on 2015-06-25
  • Accomodations
    For those out of town travellers to Ottawa, Ontario for the Canadian National Kubb Championships (2015) there are several Bed and Breakfasts, Hotels, and Hostels in the area. Most are within a 20 minute walk to the park (less than 2 KM or roughly 1 mile). I have listed the ... read more
    Source: Kubb CanadaPublished on 2015-04-22
  • The Brewery Market: Appearance
    July 5th, 2014 was a hot and sunny day…perfect for a gathering of brew-minded folk to enjoy, learn about and discover the wonders of Ontario beer! Located in Parkdale Park, Hintonburg, Ontario, the only thing pouring were beers and maybe a lil’ sweat from the blazing sun. Kubb Canada contacted the ... read more
    Source: Kubb CanadaPublished on 2014-07-08
  • When dreams become reality
    Sometimes dreams change to something new.  In 2007 when I formed a team to compete in the Kubb World Championship in Gotland, Sweden, all I knew is that I wanted to play more and perhaps one day be part of a tournament like this again. I convinced some friends to ... read more
    Source: Kubb CanadaPublished on 2014-06-09