Rubiks Kubbs

  • Springfest 2015
    This year my goal was to get to several more kubb tournaments. In 2013 we attended just a couple of tournaments after recently discovering kubb. In 2014 our teams attended several more tournaments, but many I still was unable to attend due to other conflicts or for lack of finding ... read more
    Source: Rubiks KubbsPublished on 2015-04-26
  • U.S. Nationals 2014
    Last year, we attended our first kubb tournament ever. The 2013 US National Kubb Championship. It was a blast, and can be read about here. The story of our first trip even wound up in the 2014 edition of Kubbnation Magazine. We placed 2nd in the Consolation bracket and had ... read more
    Source: Rubiks KubbsPublished on 2014-07-20
  • Making a Rubik‚Äôs Kubb
    Recently we have been continuing to work on improving our game and getting better at Kubb. I have been watching many tournament videos and thinking about our past losses and what we need to do to improve. For quite some time I thought that we just needed to learn to ... read more
    Source: Rubiks KubbsPublished on 2013-09-17
  • Clash of Kubb Trip
    To continue our ever growing addiction to Kubb, a bunch of us began finding other tournaments to attend immediately after nationals. The Clash of Kubb was nearby and before school and college but right after our camp season. Perfect! James Gilbertson from the original Rubik’s Kubbs, and myself, Ryan Feathers, ... read more
    Source: Rubiks KubbsPublished on 2013-08-17
  • U.S. Nationals Trip
    Last summer the Handicraft area at Camp Tesomas added Kubb as a game to play in their area during free time. I had only briefly heard of the game before and had not tried it much. Soon though I was off playing my first match of Kubb (albeit ... read more
    Source: Rubiks KubbsPublished on 2013-08-11