Stateline Kubb Club

  • 2nd Annual  Beloit, WI  –  Rock, Paper, Kubb Tournament – A look to the future?
    Congratulations and a big thanks to Visit Beloit, City of Beloit Parks and Leisure Services (BPLS) and DuPont for organizing another successful kubb tournament.  It is really a pleasure to work with Visit Beloit and BPLS as they have given me the opportunity to experiment with changes that I have ... read more
    Source: Stateline Kubb ClubPublished on 2015-08-11
  • Birth of a New Kubb Tournament
    Late last summer, I attended a Century 21 picnic with my wife's co-workers.  It was held at a very scenic park called Riverside Park. The city of Beloit, local businesses and civil organizations have put a lot of effort into renovating the downtown area of Beloit and this park is ... read more
    Source: Stateline Kubb ClubPublished on 2014-08-03