A piece that has been struck by another piece as the result of a throw and becomes parallel to the ground. It is possible for a toppled kubb to be knocked over, then through the course of motion, to come to rest standing on one end. In this case, the [[kubb]] is still considered toppled, and is customary to put a [[token]] (ex. grass clippings) on the toppled kubb. Pieces that fall over due to wind, uneven ground, or being jostled by a player are ”’not”’ considered Toppled, and should be righted as close as possible to their previous location and orientation as can be determined.

Base kubb

A kubb which is still in its original position on the [[baseline]]. During the course of play a field kubb may come to be placed on the baseline, but it remains a field kubb. All base kubbs must be [[toppled]] before the [[king]] can legally be attacked.