A piece that has been struck by another piece as the result of a throw and becomes parallel to the ground. It is possible for a toppled kubb to be knocked over, then through the course of motion, to come to rest standing on one end. In this case, the [[kubb]] is still considered toppled, and is customary to put a [[token]] (ex. grass clippings) on the toppled kubb. Pieces that fall over due to wind, uneven ground, or being jostled by a player are ”’not”’ considered Toppled, and should be righted as close as possible to their previous location and orientation as can be determined.

Advantage line

If the Attacking Team throws all 6 batons and does not topple all of the field kubbs in the defending teams’ half of the pitch, then an advantage line is created running parallel to the baselines and through the center of the field kubb closest to the centerline. Batons may be thrown from anywhere on the advantage line, but all field kubb throws as well as all attacks at the king must be done from behind the baseline.


The short sides of the rectangular pitch or field of play. This is the side you are defending, and your opponent’s baseline is the side you are attacking. All field kubb throws and attacks at the king must be done from behind the baseline. Regulation size is 5m, and the boundary is measured by the corner stakes.