Current status: KITE v0.3 is in a spreadsheet form to get test data for populating the application's database.  An alpha version is forthcoming.

KITE is an application that is currently being developed for tracking certain aspects of any given kubb game for later analysis. KITE stands for Kubb Interactive Tracking Engine. It will allow a player to track relevant data from a game quickly and easily. When the game is finished, the data will be analyzed and game statistics presented to the user for that game as well as adding to that user’s cumulative stats.

===== Planned Statistics =====
* Average length of match
* Baton hit percentage vs. wasted batons
* Long hit percentage vs. hit percentage with a line
* Win/loss percentage
* Penalty kubbs thrown
* King hits/king misses
* Baseline percentage
* ”more coming soon”


Throwing a Kubb or baton with your off-hand. For drilling, a right handed player throwing with their left hand, sometimes seen to get a certain cut. For example, if a player cannot throw [[Goofy cut|goofy cuts]], they may opt for a switch [[Regular cut|regular cut.]]