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Planet Kubb was launched on Feb. 14, 2012 by taking a river of news Kubb feed that I had made for me and some friends and putting it on the Planet Kubb domain name.  The very first site just took a bunch of RSS feeds and aggregated them together. Planet Kubb quickly added Ask Planet Kubb for Kubb Q&A and the Planet Kubb Wiki. In the last eight months there has been a lot of developments with Ask Planet Kubb and the Planet Kubb Wiki, but aside from some minor tweaks the main Planet Kubb site stayed the same.

Planet Kubb was not a great experience for the first time visitor. It was confusing and didn’t even do a good job of highlighting Ask Planet Kubb or the Planet Kubb Wiki. There was just a big barrage of Kubb stuff aggregated. This week that changed, and Planet Kubb now has a much more approachable front door!

The Planet Kubb front page still highlights the most recent things from Planet Kubb World, the aggregator of Kubb content from all over the web. But it now gives special display to the activity stream from Ask Planet Kubb as well as recent items from Planet Kubb Pitch.

I think this is going to be a much more friendly look. It also made a bunch of changes on the backend that is going to allow us to launch a new Planet Kubb capability in a couple of days that I am very excited about, stay tuned for that.

3 thoughts on “New Planet Kubb Site!”

  1. hey there. i embeded your twitter account on for the latest international news. i hope you’re fine with that. sam from switzerland

    1. Sam! That is great — thank you for adding the Planet Kubb feed to your site!

      I would however suggest, if possible, going direct to the feed and bypassing Twitter. Everything that goes on that Twitter feed is syndicated from the Planet Kubb World RSS feed by If you can pull a direct RSS feed into that spot use this feed URL:

      This will do a couple of things:

      1. Remove any dependencies on whatever future “policy” whims Twitter wishes to have about what people can do with it.
      2. The URL’s will not be shortened so visitors will get a proper URL and know where they are going.
      3. There won’t be a #kubb hashtag. That is only added for Twitter distribution.

      Thanks again and Kubb on!

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