Chaska Kubb Club Wins 2013 Planet Kubb US Club Championship

Congratulations to Chaska Kubb Club, the winners of the inaugural 2013 Planet Kubb US Club Championship!

Chaska Kubb wins 2013 Club Championship

Chaska Kubb bested Berserker Kubb, Des Moines Kubb and Minnesota Kubb to win the 2013 Planet Kubb US Club Championship.

Des Moines Kubb and Minnesota Kubb hit hard times early in the club championship. Both clubs entered Sunday with only 4 points, and were mathematically out of the running. Both Des Moines and Minnesota had only one team of their three still in the bracket, and both had mirror records for their other teams with one collecting a single point, and the other collecting no points. To make matters worse, Des Moines’ Team Knockerheads would face Minnesota’s Tad Kubbler first thing, assuring that one of the clubs would be stopped at 4 points. (see Team Knockerheads v. Tad Kubbler match)

Meanwhile, the competition was intense between Berserker Kubb and Chaska Kubb Club. Berserker Kubb also only had a single team left, the Kubbsicles, but they got more support from the other two teams (Dark Side of the Kubb and Team Kubboom – The Fusilade) who contributed 3 points versus the 1 that DMK and Minnesota got. This put them only a single point behind Chaska Kubb, but they would need to win everything and Chaska would have to get the minimum number of points possible for them to win.

Chaska Kubb Club was the only club to have two teams playing on Sunday, unfortunately for them they were playing each other in a King Pin v. Pack of Snipers battle first thing. (see King Pin v. Pack of Snipers match)

Sunday morning started with Minnesota and DMK out, and Chaska needing to get 2 wins to clinch it while Kubbsicles would need to win it all and hope Chaska only got a single win. With King Pin facing the imposing Team Knockerheads in the semifinals it was anyone’s guess, but King Pin threw amazing batons and struck with deadly accuracy and prevailed. (see King Pin v. Team Knockerheads match)

Congratulations to Chaska Kubb Club who will now host the Nylund-Sack Trophy until it is up for grabs at the 2014 US National Championship!

The final standings for the 2013 Planet Kubb US Kubb Club Championship were: Chaska Kubb Club 10, Berserker Kubb 9, Des Moines Kubb 5 and Minnesota Kubb 4.

Final Call for Registration in 2013 Planet Kubb Club Competition

Nyland Sack TrophyWe are happy to announce that this weekend we will be crowning the very first winner of the Planet Kubb Club Competition. Berserker Kubb from Eau Claire, Des Moines Kubb from Iowa and Minnesota Kubb are already in the running with their three teams identified. We are going to extend the deadline to register your club to this Friday at midnight. Up until then, send an email with your three teams, name of the club to and you can be in the running to be the first ever club to take home the Nylund Sack Trophy for the year!

Register for 2013 Club Championship Now!

Nyland Sack Trophy

In approximately a month Kubb players from around the country will be converging on Eau Claire, Wisconsin to participate in the 2013 US National Kubb Championships! For the first time ever, we will also be awarding the Nylund Sack Trophy to the Kubb Club that wins the Planet Kubb US Kubb Club Championship! If you missed the details on how this works see the writeup on the points system.

Entering your club in the Club Championship is as easy as sending an email! Send an email to

and in it indicate the name of your club, the person who will represent the club and the team names of the three Kubb teams that will represent your club in the championship. There is a $45 fee for the club to enter (easily dividable into $15 per team) that is payable in-person at the National Championship (check-in with Garrick or Jamie at the championship). The deadline to register and identify the three teams that are representing your Kubb Club is July 7, 2013.

We can’t wait to see you all on the pitch and to see who will be the first Kubb Club to host the Nylund Sack Trophy! They will display it with pride, until next year, when it will be up for grabs again!

Introducing the Nylund Sack Trophy

Nyland Sack Trophy

The first kubb set I played on was handcrafted by Garry Sack over in Wausau, Wisconsin. He’s been working and turning wood for the multiple decades I’ve know him. I’ve long admired his work and have 2 of his gorgeous wooden bowls in my house.

He was the first person I asked to create the traveling trophy for the Planet Kubb Club Championship. He brought in Lonnie Nylund to assist and they created custom tools to get some of the detailing.

The stunning result, the Nylund Sack Trophy, is a loving cup comprised of cherry, walnut, and maple atop three miniature kubbs representing the three teams from the winning club.

Nyland Sack Trophy

The trophy is perfectly proportioned with Kubb King.

Nyland Sack Trophy

It is a phenomenal piece with details that you continue to discover long after looking at it. Notice the three bands echoing the three teams of the winning club.

Nyland Sack Trophy

Nyland Sack Trophy

Nyland Sack Trophy

Supported by three miniature Kubbs. The Kubb Club that wins the Planet Kubb US Kubb Club Championship will get to take this trophy home for the year. It will return each year to the pitches of Eau Claire to be defended, or leave to spend the next year with the new top club. Will your club host the Nyland Sack Trophy for the next year? Register for the 2013 Planet Kubb US Kubb Club Championship!

Nyland Sack Trophy

Scoring Details for Planet Kubb US Kubb Club Championship

Several months ago we announced the Planet Kubb US Kubb Club Championship. Just to reiterate the basics of how this will work:

  1. Kubb club captains will register with Planet Kubb to participate in the championship. You must register to be eligible to win.
  2. Kubb club captains will identify three Kubb teams that will collect points for the Kubb club. Kubb clubs must have exactly three teams that represent them.
  3. The Kubb team captains must agree to represent the Kubb club that picked them (club picks the teams, teams confirm the pick).
  4. A Kubb team can only represent one Kubb club.
  5. The Kubb club’s captains and the Kubb team’s captain must be in the same state (Minnesota Clubs represented by Minnesota Teams, Iowa Clubs represented by Iowa Teams). It is fine if there are members of a team that are not in the same sate, as long as the captain is.

So, how will the scoring work? Let’s dive in a bit.

Clubs will accumulate points through the teams that represent them. A club will get one point for each match win, or bye, that a team receives in the championship stage of the tournament. There will be no points rewarded during the round robin, and no points will be awarded in the consolation bracket.

Let’s take an example. The Kubbanoids go 3-0 in the round robin, they get a bye into the round of 32 teams in the championship bracket (+1 point). They win the match in the round of 32 (+1 point, total 2 points). They win again in the round of 16 (+1 point, total 3 points). They lose in the round of 8 ending their dreams. The Kubbanoids will deliver 3 points for their club.

The Kubbaddicts are playing for the same club as the Kubbanoids. They go 1-2 in the round robin and have to play into the championship bracket. They win that match (+1 point, 1 total point) and proceed to the round of 32 where they lose. They bring 1 point to their club, taking the club to a total of 4 points.

Then the final team for the club, the Kubbicks, win it all! They get a bye (+1 point), win in the round of 32 (+1 point), win in round of 16 (+1 point). They blow away the team in the quarterfinals (+1 point), win the semifinals (+1 point) and win the championship (+1 point)! 6 points for their club.

Club Metropolis has 10 points in the competition.

If at the end of the competition multiple clubs have the same number of points, the club with any single team that has gone the furthest in the tournament will receive the win. In the unlikely scenario that a tie remains, the club who’s teams had the fewest losses will win.

The trophy will be awarded on Sunday at the US Championship. The trophy will be awarded to the club captain and that club will keep the US Kubb Club Championship trophy until the following US Championship when it is up for grabs again!