In 2015 The Nylund Sack Trophy Goes To…

This year, Planet Kubb will again be awarding the Nylund Sack Trophy at the U.S. Kubb National Championship. This year’s award will go to the team with the highest overall first baton efficiency in the quarter final round.

What is First Baton Efficiency?
It’s the % of field kubbs toppled by the first baton thrown in a turn.

To calculate this year’s winner, we’ll be scoring each quarter final match using the most recent Planet Kubb scoresheet then adding up all the kubbs inkast for each team and dividing by the number toppled by their first baton (see the efficiency equation at the bottom of the scoresheet). The team with the highest percentage wins.

We will need help scoring matches. If you’ll be watching the Sunday’s matches and can help document the game play to calculate the winner – contact Garrick – Thanks!

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