Planet Kubb YouTube Feed Change

Over the course of the last couple of months a handful of “spammy” YouTube videos have syndicated themselves onto Planet Kubb and then the Planet Kubb Facebook page and @PlanetKubb Twitter account. These are typically cheesy videos of people selling Kubb sets. All of these videos were picked up by a generic search feed of YouTube for anything containing the words “kubb” and “game” in the description. I’ve now disabled that feed.

Going forward I’m going to limit YouTube feeds to ones from known users that post Kubb games or other Kubb content (not ads). We are currently pulling in feeds from 12 different users on YouTube. If you are ever curious what feeds are pulled into Planet Kubb World the status page lists them all (you can also get it in OPML format).

This change means that some random person who posts a video with “kubb” and “game” in the description will not get syndicated.┬áIf you know of YouTube users that are not currently included in the feed and do post Kubb content, please comment below and I’ll get them added right away.

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