Announcing the Planet Kubb US Kubb Club Championship

In 2013 Planet Kubb will title the best Kubb club in the United States! The US Kubb Club Championship will be determined based on performance during the U.S. National Kubb Championship.

Kubb continues to grow from a backyard game into tournaments and for the last several years a national tournament. A big part of helping Kubb continue to develop is the local Kubb club. Des Moines Kubb is a great example of a club with a large number of members, regular friendly play and hosting a tournament as well. They play together and cheer each other on at tournaments. However, until now there has been no way for Des Moines Kubb to see how they stack up against Minnesota Kubb or Fox Valley Kubb. The Club Championship is intended to encourage more development in local clubs, more reason for fellow Kubb club teams to root each other on and an opportunity for Kubb club captains to think strategically about the teams that represent them in the tournament.

Some details on how this will work:

  1. Kubb club captains will register at Planet Kubb to participate in the championship. You must register to be eligible to win. There will be a fee for entrance.
  2. Kubb club captains will identify three Kubb teams that will collect points for the Kubb club. Kubb clubs must have exactly three teams that represent them.
  3. The Kubb team captains must agree to represent the Kubb club that picked them (club picks the teams, teams confirm the pick).
  4. A Kubb team can only represent one Kubb club.
  5. The Kubb clubs captains and the Kubb team captains must be in the same state (Minnesota Clubs must be represented by Minnesota Teams, Iowa Clubs must be represented by Iowa Teams).

On July 14, 2013 concurrently with the completion of the U.S. National Kubb Championship we will tally the scores and determine the top US Kubb Club. A trophy will be given to the top club that they will keep for the year until the 2014 Championship! Details regarding the points system and registration fee will be announced in the beginning of 2013.

Club captains, start thinking through the teams that will represent your club in 2013!

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