Happy Birthday Planet Kubb

As part of the Planet Kubb 1st birthday we asked a couple of “Kubbers” if they would write a guest post for us. In between publishing the new Kubbnation magazine and getting the 2013 US National Kubb Championship going Eric Anderson was kind enough to send us this post.

Hello Planet Kubb,

First of all, happy birthday/anniversary. What a first year for Planet Kubb. To think that Ask Planet Kubb, all the data for teams, players, and matches didn’t exist one year ago is amazing. If most people are like myself, I have already taken it for granted. Thanks for all of your hard work. I really appreciate it.

I would like to tell you about a few little girls here in Eau Claire, WI. As you know, your Planet Kubb Network website options are super easy to use. For the past year plus, my oldest daughter Maja has said that she wants to have her own kubb team in the future, and that her team name will be Kubbicorns. I know, not the toughest name out there, but then again, her favorite team is not mine, but the Kubbisicles. Anyway, a couple months ago, I asked her if she would like her own website for the Kubbicorns. As you know, I made a Planet Kubb website for my dad’s birthday last October for our team Crooked Lake Trolls. We played together a few times in tournaments, and I thought it would be nice for him to be able to see our team website. I also have one for another team I play on Sweden’s Sons. People can read about our team, we can update and blog news, it is really great.

Ok, back to the few little girls here in Eau Claire. My daughter asked a couple other girls here in the neighborhood if they would like to be on the Kubbicorns. Well, Anna, Elsa, and Clare have said yes. Keep in mind they are all in third grade, except for one who is in fifth. Also, my youngest daughter Cecilia is now thinking of team name for her future team, and she is in kindergarten. So, one night I asked Maja to draw up what she envisioned being her team shield, and she did it, with a lot of bright colors. From there, her and I sat down together to make her a Kubbicorns website on the Planet Kubb website. Less than two hours later, BAM, the Kubbicorns are up and live for the world to see.

The next day, I sent out the link to the parents of Anna, Elsa, and Clare. Total happiness when the girls saw the website, and from their parents as well. That is their team, and their team has their own website. They all go to the same school and after school, we have had more than one high-five regarding the Kubbicorns and a lot of smiles. I do believe that kubb unites people and creates peace on Earth. Their school is an international peace site, and we have been to the school several times to introduce kubb. Now we can add Planet Kubb to the mix as being in the connection of, “kubb unites people and creates peace on Earth” at Flynn Elementary School.

Thanks to Planet Kubb, people can talk all they want about stats, who the best players are, how much this sport will grow, etc., but please know that thanks to Planet Kubb, four little girls (and more in the future) in the Kubb Capital of North America can talk about their kubb website at school with big smiles on their faces. That is what kubb can do.

Thanks Planet Kubb. Happy Birthday, and here is to many more.

Eric Anderson
U.S. National Kubb Championship
Eau Claire, WI

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