Happy Birthday Planet Kubb!

Planet Kubb was started one year ago today as a scrappy looking feed of RSS feeds aggregated from around the Internet. In quick order we’ve added the most active Kubb Q&A community on the web at Ask Planet Kubb, the largest and most active wiki with Kubb tournaments, teams, matches, games, players and club as well as extensive Kubb resources at Planet Kubb Wiki and now a growing and thriving blogging community on the Planet Kubb Network. What a year it has been! (For more background read Introducing Planet Kubb from the 2013 Kubbnation Magazine.)

All of the above wouldn’t be possible without all of you! It’s one thing to setup some websites, and quite another to develop an active and thriving community around them. We have the beginnings of that community on Planet Kubb! A recent example of that community was just highlighted with the addition of over 1,000 matches to the Planet Kubb Wiki with contributors from multiple states and clubs!

Thank you again for being part of that community and I can’t wait to see what the second year brings!

PS: We’ve got a couple of guest blog posts commemorating the first birthday of Planet Kubb coming tomorrow and the day after. Stay tuned!

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