Planet Kubb Wants Your Brackets!

We’ve put a lot of effort into the Planet Kubb Notation and Scoresheet. Over 100 games are in the system now and it’s very exciting stuff. We’ve also put a little bit of work into displaying brackets. Recently we started working on some great connecting code to tie it all together. One of the missions I envision for the Planet Kubb Wiki is to capture and archive the results of every Kubb tournament in the United States, and even the world!

I fully realize that not everyone is comfortable entering bracket information into forms on the wiki, and we want to make this easy for everyone. We have a new email address just for your brackets!

That’s right. Take your fancy smartphone, snap a picture or two of the bracket your looking at and email it to that address. Take a moment right now, and add that address to your phones address book so that you have it handy. Go ahead, we’ll wait… Let us know what tournament you’re at, and be ready that we may send a reply and ask for some followup information. If you need to take multiple pictures, go ahead. Send them all to that address and we’ll get those brackets on the wiki.

PS – This also means your old brackets! Have a bracket from a year or two ago? Send it to us! We mean all tournaments, not just future ones.

We can’t wait to get all these brackets!

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