Call for 2013 Kubb Tournaments

We’ve had a great year of Kubb in 2012 and everyone is looking forward to the 2013 season. I would like to get the 2013 Tournament schedule populated on the Planet Kubb Wiki. So far we just have four 2013 tournaments: Minnesota Kubb Loppet Tournament 2013, US National Kubb Championship 2013, World Championship 2013 and Fall Kubb Klassic 2013.

I expect the tournament directors out there know the weekends they are targeting. Please add your tournaments to the wiki using the new event form (you must have an account and be logged into the wiki to do this, create an account if you don’t have one).

Getting your tournaments in the wiki early will help players schedule their plans for next year. Also, we have some work in progress to share the upcoming tournament schedule from Planet Kubb to any and all Kubb websites that wish to use it so that everyone can use a central copy and not duplicate work. Getting your tournament in the system will insure that you get exposure in a bunch of places!

(If adding the tournament on the wiki is too difficult you could also leave the details in a comment to this post and someone will add it to the wiki for you.)

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