@PlanetKubbLive Tweeting Final USA Kubb Championship match!

Planet Kubb Live LogoThis Sunday as the top two teams in the country take Pitch 1 in Eau Claire Planet Kubb will do a first-ever live play-by-play broadcast of the match using Twitter! You may already be following @PlanetKubb on Twitter to get updates from around the world about Kubb. We have now created a second @PlanetKubbLive account that we’ll be using for this, and possibly future live events. You’ll need to follow each one separately!

So, how will we be tweeting live play-by-play? We will be using the Planet Kubb Notation system. This is the same system we use to record games on the pitch and with videos. We will be transmitting the text of each turn in real-time from the pitch. Read up on the notation on the Planet Kubb Wiki. You’ll see tweets that look like

4. j:5i2r b:2f b:3f j:- j:b c:b c:-

That means it was turn 4. Player “j” is the inkastare and he threw in 5 kubbs and had to rethrow 2. Player “b” hit 2 fields on the first baton, then 3 fields on second baton. Player “j” missed and then hit a baseline. Player “c” hit a baseline and then missed. Find more details on the notation page.

To our knowledge this will be the first live broadcast of the play-by-play of a game on Twitter. The notation, and these tweets, will be intended for a global audience so commentary will be kept low so people can follow the game regardless of language.

Predictions for 2013 US Midwest Kubb Championship (Rockford)

Group A: Dark Side of the Kubbsicles, Sjo-Time, King Pin, and Stormkubbers

The teams in this group are known except for Sjo-Time. None of these teams have played each other before. This should be a fight between Dark Side of the Kubbsicles and King Pin. Dark Side of the Kubbsicles are strong, but they have a lot fewer games than King Pin.

We predict with 80% confidence Dark Side of the Kubbsicles will win Group A.

Group B: Kubbacca, The Deadeye’s, Ophir Gophers, and Kubb Scouts

Kubbacca and Kubb Scouts are known teams. Kubbacca has the strongest record of the two however not strong enough to be certain they will defeat the two unknown teams in this group.

We predict with 50% confidence Kubbacca will win Group B.

Group C: The Ringers, Hardwood Kubbers, KUBbAR, and The Mad Tossers

The Ringers and The Mad Tossers are known in this group, the other teams are new. Also, The Ringers have played The Mad Tossers before in the Clash of Kubb 2012 with The Mad Tossers taking the match. However, there is uncertainty about this match as noted:

“I have excluded this match from statistics due to notes on consolation bracket. Ringers name is crossed out, and I am making an assumption that the match was a forfeit. Please update (if inaccurate) and delete this commentary, uncheck “Exclude in stats” and add win count for teams.”

The Ringers are a strong team, former National Champions, with a long background.

We predict The Ringers will win this group with 100% confidence.

Group D: Wolfpack, Chicks with Sticks, King Kung, and Skelekubbers

Wolfpack and Chicks with Sticks have match history in this group. Wolfpack has a strong and predictable pattern.

We predict Wolfpack will win this group with 100% confidence.

Group E: Team Knockerheads, Kubbtastic, Robert’s Retreads and Kubb Med

Obviously we’ve seen National Champions Team Knockerheads. They top the list of all Kubb teams in the United States. The only action in this group will be for positions other than 1st.

We predict with 100% confidence Team Knockerheads will win Group D.

Group F: Kubb Snipers, Kubbawockeez, Sticks, Blocks, and Beer, and Rhymes With Tube

In this group we’ve got match history from three of the teams. We don’t know anything about Sticks, Blocks, and Beer. Our data suggests that Kubb Snipers will dominate this group. They will need to focus on the Rhymes with Tube match. Notably Kubbawokeez and Rhymes with Tube have played before in Rockford 2012 with Rhymes with Tube taking the match.

We predict with 100% confidence Kubb Snipers will win Group F.

Group G: Gubber Kubbers, Ice Kubbs, Goofy Kubbers 1.2.3, and Jesus, Joseph, and Bloody Mary

In this group we have a reasonably strong team with only a few matches recorded in Ice Kubbs. The Goofy Kubbers are going to come strong though we aren’t completely sure on team makeup. We don’t have specific data for Goofy Kubbers 1.2.3, but we do for Goofy Kubbers. If there is overlap, they will play on par with Ice Kubbs but be more predictable and should carry the match, and with it the group.

We predict with 50% confidence Goofy Kubbers 1.2.3 will win Group G.

Group H: Tad Kubbler, Pitch Slap, Team R.U.K.U.S, and Skipping Stones

Every team in this group have recorded matches. What a treasure trove! Also Pitch Slap has played The Skipping Stones, twice! First at the 2011 US Nationals and again in the 2012 US Nationals (wonder how often that happens?). Both times Pitch Slap carried the match. Tad Kubbler is bringing some new throwers into the game and potentially playing under a different name of Rad Kubbler. If not for this, this group would be easily called for Tad Kubbler. Even with that, Pitch Slap is unlikely to rise to the challenge against them and the other teams shouldn’t offer any serious problems.

We predict with 100% confidence Tad Kubbler will win Group with H. We further predict Pitch Slap will take 2nd.

Group I: Kubb’d, iKubb, Team Kubboom, and Dalsland KUBBheads

In this group we have data for everyone except KUBBheads. Kubb’d should carry this group but will need to bring their top game. iKubb and Team Kubboom could present challenges, but ultimately Kubb’d should prevail. Team Kubboom is likely to take 2nd in this group over iKubb.

We predict with 100% confidence Kubb’d will win Group I.