@PlanetKubbLive Tweeting Final USA Kubb Championship match!

Planet Kubb Live LogoThis Sunday as the top two teams in the country take Pitch 1 in Eau Claire Planet Kubb will do a first-ever live play-by-play broadcast of the match using Twitter! You may already be following @PlanetKubb on Twitter to get updates from around the world about Kubb. We have now created a second @PlanetKubbLive account that we’ll be using for this, and possibly future live events. You’ll need to follow each one separately!

So, how will we be tweeting live play-by-play? We will be using the Planet Kubb Notation system. This isĀ the same system we use to record games on the pitch and with videos. We will be transmitting the text of each turn in real-time from the pitch. Read up on the notation on the Planet Kubb Wiki. You’ll see tweets that look like

4. j:5i2r b:2f b:3f j:- j:b c:b c:-

That means it was turn 4. Player “j” is the inkastare and he threw in 5 kubbs and had to rethrow 2. Player “b” hit 2 fields on the first baton, then 3 fields on second baton. Player “j” missed and then hit a baseline. Player “c” hit a baselineĀ and then missed. Find more details on the notation page.

To our knowledge this will be the first live broadcast of the play-by-play of a game on Twitter. The notation, and these tweets, will be intended for a global audience so commentary will be kept low so people can follow the game regardless of language.

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