Scoresheet Updated to v11

Each year after scoring the US National Kubb Championship Garrick and I have identified improvements for the scoresheet. Real use is where we see big improvements. Scoring games in championship tournaments is super helpful for this. Last years change was radical! We flipped the entire scoresheet from portrait to landscape and it is so much better. This years changes are minor but very helpful.

  1. As I was scoring games on the pitch I started doing something that I really liked. When the throwing team had cleared all the field kubbs and could now move to attacking the baseline, I made a thick vertical line over the grid for that turn. This allowed me to very easily see the Batons to Clear (BTC) for each team. We decided to put this right into the scoresheet and put a blank in between the vertical lines in the score grid. These can be connected to indicate when the field was cleared. Obviously this is easy to calculate, but this visual cue is really nice.
  2. The throw count numbers were nice but it turns out that they are better not in increments of 10, but instead a the end of each turn. It’s more helpful to know that number so we moved those.
  3. Added a reference to the new rescue Kubb attempt (Y) notation.

The new scoresheet is up on the wiki as a PDF to easily download and print. We also for the first time ever have a Github organization for Planet Kubb, and a repository just for the scoring system. Using this, you can create “issues” in that repository if you have suggestions for ways the scoring system, including the scoresheet, can be improved.

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