YouTube No Longer Supporting RSS

Yesterday Planet Kubb’s feed aggregator (we use rawdog) started getting errors when retrieving data from YouTube.

HTTP Status: 410
The feed has gone.
You should remove it from your config file.

YouTube deprecated v2 of their API and is forcing everyone to use v3. The new version of the API requires users to authenticate (no anonymous requests anymore) and only supports retrieval of JSON data. There is no RSS support. The Planet Kubb aggregator is an RSS aggregator, and without RSS support we can no longer retrieve new videos from YouTube. The FAQ for the new API says:

I rely on using the GData API (v1 or v2) for RSS/Atom feeds of YouTube videos. Do I have any alternative once they’re deprecated?

At this time, there is no direct alternative. We recommend providing your application’s users with the ability to manage and retrieve their YouTube subscriptions using the methods of the YouTube Data API v3’s subscriptions service.

This is disappointing. Not supporting RSS is not supporting a more open web. We have no intent to develop a workaround to use the v3 API’s. If a free service becomes available to turn the v3 APIs into RSS we would gladly use it to add YouTube back to Planet Kubb, but that doesn’t exist.

What now? How can you get Kubb videos online and syndicated through Planet Kubb? Use Vimeo! Vimeo supports RSS feeds for channels, and there is a Kubb channel. If you add a video to Vimeo, and put it in this channel we will get it share along. Vimeo has a nicer user experience and you can rid yourself of YouTube comment trolls at the same time.

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